As a family business and international market leader, we are proud of our driven team of more than 100 professionals. Innovation, collaboration and customer orientation contribute to our delivered quality on a daily basis.


Spiromatic is an international leader in pre food processing. We develop customized and sustainable turnkey solutions for automated storage, conveying, weighing and dosing of solid and liquid raw materials and ingredients in the food industry.


We create value for our customers by helping them to increase the output of their production line.

We want to improve how food is made by making food that is safe and healthy, and producing it without waste.


We are a family business proud of our dedicated teams and our collaborative culture. A culture in which people provide an excellent service to customers, by working together, by taking initiatives, thanks to personal and organizational growth.

Interested in our history? Take a look at our timeline

Investing in growth

Spiromatic keeps investing in the growth of the family business, supported by the competences of experienced staff and specialists.

Technology center and test bakery

Customers can test and evaluate new methods and recipes in Spiromatic’s technology center. The center includes dough preparation equipment, a sifting and conveying line and a test bakery.


Our patented Idromix technology, developed in cooperation with Sigma, ensures excellent hydration between flour and water.

Fermentation process and Virtual Reality


We also offer installations with the necessary fermentation tanks for wheat and rye flour. We develop a specific and optimised installation for each customer. All installations can be discovered in Virtual Reality.

Automation and liquids


Besides the storage, transport and automation of dry substances, as a player on the world stage Spiromatic has also established a presence in thoroughly integrated automation solutions and liquid dough processes.



Innovation and daring to change in the food market still runs through the veins of the current management with this manifesting itself in strong annual growth. Accordingly, in this period Spiromatic became one of the most important players in ingredient processing in Europe.


Spiromatic expanded in a number of areas over several years. The expansion of the production hall by 7,000 m², the construction of a new production hall for the silos, along with the renewal of the production process and an office building extension.



Since 1985 Spiromatic has been operating from De Prijkels industrial estate in Nazareth on premises measuring 80,000 m³.

Hybrid transport & Minor ingredients

The combination of modern pneumatic transport techniques and the unique properties of spiral transport led Spiromatic to design “Hybrid transport”. Industrial food companies then saw an ideal solution to replace their energy-hungry spiral and pneumatic transport processes by flexible, more accurate and dust-free spiral transport. The foundations of Spiromatic NV’s current main activity had then been laid.

Spiral transport

Adelin Dhont decided to make his innovative product available for use for the industrial storage of flour and sugar. At the same time Spiromatic pioneered in using alternative spiral transport in large-scale food processes.



Adelin Dhont was a visionary, and constantly ventured into unknown territory with new ideas to always stay one step ahead of the larger competitors. He enjoyed great success here, and as early as in the sixties used the innovative product composite, a composition of polyester resin and glass fibre, to build silos for nutrients.



Spiromatic was founded in 1963 by Adelin Dhont and Mariette Vermarcke, the parents of the current owners and business managers. Spiromatic initially produced transport and storage systems for nutrients