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Customer focus

The customer's wishes are central to Spiromatic. After thorough consultation with the customer, our colleagues always look for the best solution, always tailored to the customer's needs. A satisfied customer, that gives us a boost!

Respect & trust

A listening ear, a heartfelt compliment, an open conversation. Colleagues like to make time to listen to each other. Supporting a colleague who is struggling and giving feedback are part of Spiromatic’s culture.


At Spiromatic, we make the job 'our own'. Found a method to work more efficiently? Great! Finding a way to help a colleague with a problem he has been struggling with for a long time? Wonderful! Thanks to the ideas and commitment of our employees, we are constantly optimizing.

Innovative entrepreneurship

Spiromatic is being moved by a rapidly changing market. By showing innovative entrepreneurship and looking at things from a different perspective, we are building an open and critical mind that responds alertly to the rapid evolution in the market.


Two-way traffic among colleagues is our strength. In order to stimulate cooperation, every employee within the company is trained in 'connecting communication'. This training ensures that communication between the various departments is streamlined and efficient.

Sien Van Renterghem

HR Officer | sien.vanrenterghem@spiromatic.com
Send your resume (and motivation letter) to our HR officer.
Our HR officer will contact you and plan a exploratory meeting.
I this first meeting we will get to know you better and listen to your expectations. Also, we will talk extensively about your tuture job content.
Within a few days, we will give you feedback about our first meeting, and will contact you for a second conversation.
In a second meeting, you get to know your future colleagues and get the tour of our company.
We prepare a proposition and invite you for a final conversation where we discuss this proposition together.
In this last meeting the contract gets signed and we welcome you in our team.