We use the same program logic and structure irrespective of the platform. This is based on EC1131 and is object-oriented. We write and develop all our software ourselves, and this for PLC applications, visualisation, recipes and links with MES/ERP applications. This means we offer a modular range: from basic systems with simple controls to the most advanced configurations with MES/ERP links. We develop fully customised installations in line with your needs.


  • Entering batches by MES/ERP or otherwise
  • Splitting batch information to the different PLC/HMIs
  • Control of production equipment
  • Integration of third party components
  • Tracing production data for audit purposes
  • We develop standard function blocks for all standard components in our installations (silos, stations, transport, etc.).
  • Each standardised function block has matching graphic representation clearly displaying all possible properties of this component
  • The simple configuration of this graphical representation offers clear visualisation of all sensors, motors and controls present
  • A clear distinction is made between operating and maintenance screens
  • Operating screens only include the necessary elements for simple use by the operator
  • Maintenance screens show more detailed information, so the technical department can more quickly detect and rectify faults as required

Spiromatic also has Spido2B as standard batch controller that meets all the needs of the modern food industry. Control, recipe control, alarm management and process visualisation take place based on a user-friendly and clear touchscreen integrated in one appliance.