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Spiromatic completed an important project at Goman Kjelstad Bakeri, one of Norway’s largest industrial bakeries. Together with its local partner Foodtech and technological partner Biostar, it involved installing an outdoor silo and renewing the sourdough bread production line control system.

Automatic sourdough preparation was not possible with the existing outdated control system. While the original system supplier suggested to carry out an upgrade, Spiromatic proposed replacing the entire system with a state-of-the-art Siemens control system.

This turned out to be by far the most effective and economic solution as readily-available software modules were used and the more powerful system allowed for increased automation flexibility and therefore greater opportunity for increasing performance. Not least, it could be implemented in compliance with Siemens automation standards, which made for a future-proof solution, easy to maintain and modify. The new system came into operation in May 2017 and was implemented in full compliance with Siemens automation standards.

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Download the printable pdf here.