Before they even thougt of installing the machinery into the new plant, Spiromatic's engineers spent a lot of time together with Aveve's technical department to get a clear understanding of their volumes, recipe management, production processes, packaging speed,...


Based on their extensive and specific expertise in pre-food processing, including storage, conveying and dosing of all sorts of ingredients in large, industrial applications, Aveve called upon Spiromatic to manage the entire pre-engineering process, design, construction, installation and commissioning of their ambitious solution.


  • The new plant is designed with a huge storage capacity needed to continuously feed 4 packaging lines and reaching a daily output of 120 tons of finished goods
  • Given the growing gluten intolerance, a seperate gluten-free packaging line was also required
  • Nowadays, the range of bread variants is immensely broad, which calls for a lot of different flour mixes and hence, for many recipes, each of them sometimes with a lot of different ingredients
  • All these ingredients have different storage and conveying requirements and product safety must be guaranteed at all times.


  • 18 silos of 30 tons for white and whole meal flour, Sugar and salt
  • 16 bag-dump filled minor ingrediënt silos, to automatically dose into the mixers
  • 13 intermediate buffer hoppers of ranging from 6 to 14m3
  • 2 central vacuum transport systems to convey ingredients from the silos to 3 mixing installations
  • Hygienic bag dumps with integrated safety sifter and mixers with super hygienic design for the gluten-free design
  • Security sifters and inline magnets on all ingredient containers
  • Centralised dry air generators and landbased blowers on all silos and intermediate buffers
  • Automatic samplers on all silos. The silos can be used in production only when the lab has tested and approved the samples
  • A fully integrated automation system, allowing Aveve to perfectly control, monitor and trace the ingredient flow, mixing and packaging process.


  • Optimal storage and conveying for all ingredients
  • Recepe control, with very accurate mixing and dosing
  • Product safety
  • Traceability thanks to the automation system