We are very satisfied of the partnership that Spiromatic has created in assisting us with the design, installation and commissioning of this novel and highly consistent automated liquid dough production unit.


In the recent years, it became evident that capacity was too small to face growing demand and as they could not expand Jean started to search for a new place where he could grow his business, but also enhance his production tool in terms of consistency, automation and hygene.


  • One of the key element to making a good Brussels waffle is that the liquid dough should be as homogeneous as possible.
  • Looking at their planned growth in the years to come, Deligoût set the ambitious goal to have enough capacity as to multiply by 6 the current volume.
  • Deligoût wants to convert their batch oriented process into a continuous process.


  • Spiromatic began the development of a revolutionary application of the Magnet for Emulsion technology. This essentially consists in the high speed circulation of water through a venturi whereby flour is added in a controlled manner. A magnetic field is applied which further enhances the shearing effect and thus the homogenization of the product after a few passes through the system.
  • In order to ensure a continuous process, up to 3 tanks are required, one for the work in progress, another one being cleaned and the last acting as a buffer between the liquid dough production and it's actual usage in the production line.


  • 13 ton flour silo and a waffle-mix big bag station both leading to a dynamic sifter above the weigh hopper.
  • Fully automated system: Deligoût only buys the raw components and the system runs entirely on its own until the dough is ready.