Spiromatic offers sustainable total solutions for the bulk handling industry. Integrated approach for automated storage, dosage and conveyance.

With over 50 years of experience in automated storage, dosage and conveyance of dry and liquid raw materials Spiromatic can unarguably be called the specialist in sustainable comprehensive solutions for the bulk handling industry. But also the automation process holds no secrets for Spiromatic.

Spiromatic has built up a rock-solid reputation in terms of GRP silos for dry materials. However, the company also provides solutions for liquids: the storage tanks are constructed – depending on the size and range of application – in GRP or stainless steel. Spiromatic also offers all the peripheral equipment: from extremely accurate silo weighing over dedusting systems to even air drying for temperature and moisture-sensitive products.

Moreover, Spiromatic has the knowledge, technology and equipment in house for the further handling of the stored raw materials. It offers conveying, weighing and level measurement systems, dosage systems for micro components and liquids, water dosage systems, water and powder cooling installations and automation solutions.

As automation is becoming increasingly important, Spiromatic has acquired extra expertise and know-how. Next to the fully programmable systems (PLC Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Spido2B) Spiromatic also offers a range of “all-in-one” controllers that are ideal for simple applications, but at the same time provide all the basic functionalities.