There is no getting around it: automation is now the norm. It is a constantly evolving process of ever-increasing importance. Thanks to our years of experience in pre-food installations and automation, we can develop a totally integrated product (TIP) plan in line with your specific needs and expectations. Our engineers analyse, advise and implement to ensure maximum efficiency of the installations and a streamlined production process.

Integrated safety

All safety components must also be automated to obtain full integration in one PLC processor.


Excellent quality is striven for at all levels, both as regards installations and at knowledge level. We invest in our employees, and our software programs are written by specialists familiar with Siemens and Allen-Bradley.

Kontrolery mikroprocesorowe

Besides the freely programmable systems, we also offer a range of all-in-one controllers. These are built with all basic functionality and are ideal for all simple applications. Despite their standard functionality they are sufficiently adaptable and continue to further evolve.

Kontrolery PLC



​ Our solutions are so flexible that they can also update existing automation systems - also from other suppliers. ​