• Spiromatic MES application
  • Recipe creation, adaptations and management
  • Possibility of drawing up production planning
  • Recording all batch data
  • Recording all production hours and the manual actions of the operators
  • Tracing raw materials
  • Reporting machine data for the technical department
  • Each adaptation and change is carefully recorded in a version report that allows tracing when and why an adaptation was made at any time
  • The system is also continually adapted based on many years of experience at customers


  • The Spiromatic systems can be linked with an open architecture to your existing MES/ERP systems and offer the highest degree of flexibility
  • A Bridge iPC (Industrial iPC) ensures the buffering of data between our system and the platform above
  • Communication upwards takes place with current standard protocols such as XML
  • Compatibility with S88 is also possible

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) – OPTION 

The Spiromatic MES application can optionally be extended with RFID tracking. This system allows the meticulous monitoring and recording of the whole route of a batch - from the ingredients to the different stages in the mixing and kneading process - to make tracing much easier.


Besides traditional data collection Spiromatic also has a unique I/O logging system that registers each sensor, actuator, motor or other component connected to the PLC. Each change of situation is saved on the hard disk and can be retrieved up to months later. This doubles up as a resource in the case of any problems and provides extra data for further process optimisation.