Spiromatic has recently launched the spin-off business Spirics, which focuses on developing tailormade software solutions for the management of ingredients, recipes and orders as well as on related consultancy services.

“Before 2018, we used to get third parties to develop these solutions for our customers,” explains Software Architect Domien Brosens. “But we became more and more aware that we had to be more flexible. The need for software-assisted management of materials, articles, recipes and production orders varies a lot across food processing companies. With in-house expertise and our new development capacity, we can now meet all our customers’ expectations.”

SPEC includes recipe management, production batch planning and control, and much more.

Current solutions offered by SPEC include recipe management systems, production batch planning and control, seamless interfaces with customer ERP and MES systems, and more. In the near future, SPEC will also roll out applications to log and process production line parameters so that preventive maintenance programs can be optimized.

Contact us for more information on SPEC and the related consultancy service.

Download the printable pdf here.