How to reach us?

We guarantee you a 24/7 service, wherever you may be. You can always reach us on +32 (0) 9/381.87.00.

How does our repair service work?

We provide initial assistance by telephone from our specialised call centre. If we cannot rectify your fault by telephone, we send our service technician or automation engineer out to you as soon as possible.

Preventive maintenance?

With annual preventive maintenance you can avoid problems which result in down time. Our service department will contact you each year to plan this work at a time that suits your company best to not affect the continuity of your operations. We only work with highly qualified personnel who are in possession of the necessary certificates and who have undergone training (SCC, B4 and B5, etc.). Our technicians continuously follow new courses to maintain this level of expertise. Our technicians’ vehicles are designed as “driving warehouses” and have all the necessary basic components for our installations.

A unique part of your installation has to be replaced?

We also offer you an optimum service here. We work with specific express services to get the missing parts to our technicians as quickly as possible. They can then quickly repair the installation and loss of production remains minimal.