You can choose from four different systems for the storage of bulk goods and dry substances. Our composite silos are ideal for outdoors, while our indoor silos are perfect for an indoor location. Whoever opts for spiral, vacuum or pressure conveying best chooses a bag dumping system (with or without big bag station). Or are you looking for a storage place for liquid foodstuffs? Our liquid tanks are then your ideal choice. Read more below.

Композитные силосы


Composite silos (GRP) are ideal for outdoor storage. They are formed around a mould using a specific process. Result? A light, high-tech construction in fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin. We then impregnate it with a white polyester UV-protective coating to prevent ageing and corrosion. Do you need to store specific products such as sugar or salt? Ask about our double-walled insulated silos.

Storage capacity

The composite silos have a storage capacity of 1 to 400 m³.


  • 2,000 times less heat conduction than with aluminium
  • No condensation so the inside walls stay clean
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • 100% UV-resistant and reflective
  • Greatly reduced risk of lump formation
  • High design pressure
  • High insulation value
  • 70° cone guarantees the ideal mass flow
  • No bridge formation thanks to extremely smooth walls and seamless construction
  • Exceptionally low cost of maintenance
  • Silo roof is designed as “follow bottom" (ADMerkblatt) so highly compression-resistant
  • Insulated, double-walled sugar silos
  • Suffice with regard to all international static approvals
  • ATEX- and CE-compliant
  • Withstand earthquakes and hurricanes
Composiet Silos

Внутренние силосы


Indoor silos are ideal for indoor storage. Customers can choose from a design in epoxy coated steel or stainless steel.

Storage capacity

The indoor silos have a storage capacity of 1 to 90 m³.


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple and fast assembly with a modular construction
  • Optimal utilisation of space
  • Non-corrosive material, approved for the storage of foodstuffs
  • Mechanical extractor, vibrating extractor or silo bottom venting
  • Insulation with an epoxy coating with high resistance
  • Quickly and easy to assemble
  • Low friction resistance with the stored product
  • No condensation formation with temperature differences thanks to the epoxy coating
  • 100% food safe
Indoor E 1



Bag dumping systems are ideal for spiral, vacuum and pressure conveying. You can simply use them to store small to large volumes for dust-free applications.

Storage capacity

Bag dumping systems are available in different versions depending on the size and the intended use.


  • Compact design
  • Ultra-hygienic surface treatment
  • Integrated shaker sieve with mesh size to 500µ
  • Dust-free operation
  • Ergonomic

Станция растаривания биг-бэгов


Raw materials are being increasingly supplied in big bags to avoid the use of small packaging. Each type of big bag loading station can be provided with an autonomous and automatically operated hoist. An optional high-end loading device also prevents the risk of contamination and dust formation.


  • Big bag support with automatic crane
  • Top frame made to size for all possible big bag dimensions
  • Integrated vibrating bottom
  • Dust-free and contamination-free big bag opening
  • Can be connected to all conveying systems
Big Bag

Резервуары для жидкостей


Liquid tanks are perfect for the storage of liquid foodstuffs. The tanks are made of composite material or stainless steel depending on the size and the required area of application. You can also choose from various design options:

  • Tank with flat bottom
  • Tank with convex bottom, on supports and with supporting skirt or otherwise
  • Horizontal tank
  • Tank, fully manufactured in line with the customer's needs

Different liquid tanks

Effluent tank or gas scrubber Soiled air is biologically cleansed in the effluent tank or gas scrubber. Modern bio-companies use this technique to preclude odour nuisance in the environment.

Storage tank as bio-filter Soiled air is blown in the bottom of the storage tank where there is a biomass sprayed with water. The air is returned to the environment in a purified state.

Grease and oil storage tank We have a full range of indoor and outdoor storage tanks for all kinds of greases with low and medium viscosity. They have all the necessary accessories to check the level in the tank at any time.

Brine tanks We also produce brine tanks for the storage of saline solutions for different applications.

Ordinary storage tanks We also offer ordinary storage tanks for the storage of by-products such as wheat yeast concentrate and other residual products from breweries.