Discover our different handy dosing systems. Our focus lies on user-friendliness, efficiency and innovation.



Manual and simple hand ingredienttables with stainless steel or synthetic containers:

  • Table model
  • Weighing scales on mobile cart
  • Volume stock bunker: 55 or 80 l
  • Possibility of storing extra ingredients in flour carts under the table
  • Recipe composition reading linked to weighing computer

Fully automatic microdosing:

  • Customised construction
  • Choice from different storage bunkers
  • Volume of the storage bunker can vary between 240l and 430l
  • Recipes possible to 40l
  • A high dosage capacity depending on the properties of the product to be dosed, temperature, moisture level, etc.
  • Unique batch transport to production
  • Provided with loading platform for pallets
  • Fully hygienic stainless steel design
  • Protected filling opening with grate

Optional possibilities:

  • Dust extraction on the storage bunker filling opening
  • Detection of open/closed filler cover
  • Filling the storage bunker by pneumatic transport
  • “Low level” alarm in the storage bunker

ОСновные компоненты

Our weighing stations are available with different volumes and finished in stainless steel or food-safe epoxy coated steel.


We have developed a unique single-point movement for spiral transport. This allows the safe and hygienic integration of a weighing station in the production space, resulting in highly accurate dosing. With pneumatic transport we also offer pressure-tight weighing stations for overpressure and underpressure. From certain flow rates we build compressed air-cleaned filters in the weighing station. The weighing station extraction used always depends on the product and transport technique.