M4E - batter production

M4E - batter production

Our patented M4E technology guarantees excellent mixing results with each type of liquid dough (solids in liquids and liquids in liquids). It prevents lump formation thanks to an in-line magnetic field in the piping. Water is pumped in a loop which includes a magnet and venturi assembly. The resulting physical forces disperse the powder evenly in the water and produce a highly homogeneous mix.

It is the ideal solution for continuous industrial processes with ingredients such as flour, oil, liquid egg, sugar, butter, liquid yeast, etc. We ensure high quality mixing in every situation and long term emulsiļ¬cation, including for batters and liquid doughs for pancakes, waffles, emulsions, etc.

Key benefits

  • Highly homogeneous mix without lump formation
  • Reduced post-mixing segregation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Hygienic and dust free operation (closed system)
  • Batch system
  • Fully CIP cleanable
  • Compact lay out
  • Allow continuous production

Key technical parameters

  • 150 gal batter possible in 30mins


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