Fully Automated Bakery

Ground Breaking Solution for Automated Bowl Handling

Watch the video above to see how Alain Daniels (Technical Director - Boulangerie de France) talks about the journey to realizing the most innovative and automated industrial bakery in the world.

Discover how Spiromatic’ s automated ingredient handling and mixing systems have contributed:

● Fully automated storage & supply of bulk and minor ingredients to the mixers, both dry and liquid.

● Fully automated production of liquid sourdough and soaked grains with direct feed to the mixers

● Fully automated and AGV-based bowl handling system

● Open uncaged multi mixer system that is accessible for cleaning during operations

● Single spiral mixers with an automated bottom discharge into mobile bowls

● Automatic dough scrapping when make-up line stoppages push resting times over their tolerance.

● Custom resting bin design and discharge process for an extremely gentle handling of the dough.

● Complete integration of the process controls from ingredient intake to putting the dough on the line

● 24h operation

Watch the video above! And contact us for more information at info@spiromatic.com.