Minor ingredients storage

Minor ingredients storage

Automatic minor ingredients storage

A minor ingredients storage system has been developed by Spiromatic : a fully automatic on-demand dosing system for minor ingredients with integrated storage bins. The minor ingredients are stored in individual bins from where they are accurately dosed by a spiral into a weigh hopper below the platform. The subsequent ingredients are weighed on top of the others and when the complete recipe is dosed, it is conveyed by vacuum to the final reception hopper at the dosing point.

Minor Ingredients storage : Key benefits

  • Customized construction with the right capacity for every application
  • Choice from different storage hoppers adapted to the ingredient
  • A high dosage capacity depending on the properties of the product to be dosed, temperature, moisture level, etc.
  • Unique batch transport to the production line
  • Integrated loading of the storage bins from a platform to place pallets
  • Fully hygienic stainless steel design
  • Protected filling opening with security grate
  • Very accurate weighing, even for small quantities
  • Dust-free operation, even during the filling process

Minor Ingredients storage : Key technical parameters

  • Volume of the storage hoppers can vary between 240l and 430l,
  • Filling of storage hoppers possible by pneumatic transport
  • Larger quantities can be conveyed to the main dosing point and be weighed there (dosings possible up to 40l)

Semi automatic minor ingredients storage

Manual and simple hand ingredient tables with stainless steel or synthetic containers:

  • Table model
  • Weighing scales on mobile cart
  • Possibility of storing extra ingredients in flour carts under the table
  • Recipe composition reading linked to weighing computer

Key benefits

  • Hygienic storage of minor ingredients
  • Possibility to integrate scale in overall ingredient automation and recipe management system
  • Ergonomic design for convenient and rapid weighing and dosing
  • Volume storage units: 55 or 80 l


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