New production line for Vomar

New production line for Vomar

Long-term cooperation with Dutch supermarket chain Vomar leads to enhanced process automation and an extra baking line for small bread. After a fruitful cooperation in 2003 for the installation of an industrial production line for large bread, Spiromatic was asked to give the automation a full upgrade in 2019. Thanks to SPEC, our integrated process automation and control solution, and the newest Siemens technology, Vomar could meet the highest standards in industrial process automation while benefiting from optimal flexibility in recipe management. Our customer in particular appreciated the ease of use of the new system and the fluent project handover and good training of their team.

Vomar again chose Spiromatic as its partner for a new extension in 2020 with a line for small bread and specialties. For this new line feeding two kneaders, we delivered the spiral conveyors to connect the existing silos with the new dosing point, our water dosing solution Aquados with limited pre-run (waste water) for efficient water usage, and a new weighing bunker equipped with a rotating sifter and dust filters to feed the 2 kneaders. The entire line was seamlessly integrated with the existing industrial PC and ERP system to enable easy planning – on-site or remote – for all lines.

Thank you Vomar and Integrated Bakery. We enjoyed the fine cooperation on this successful project!

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