Water cooling & dosing

Water cooling & dosing

Dosing water is an essential step in the dough preparation process and both volume and temperature are critical to the quality of the dough. Our water dosing solution, Aquados, accurately doses the water at the preset temperature.

Key benefits

  • Extreme accuracy on volume while ensuring a fast water dosing
  • Very high temperature accuracy
  • Constant operation
  • Strongly limited pre-run (waste water): pre-run water is eliminated or reduced by at least 90% compared to conventional water dosing systems
  • Automatically controlled by the overall recipe management system
  • Optionally equipped with a stainless steel water vessel for preparation of conditioned water supply for even faster discharging into the mixer.

Key technical parameters

  • Water temperature precision is as low as 0,5°C
  • Minimal dosing accuracy is 0,1 liters
  • Optional water vessel capacity ranging from 60 to 300 liters


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