Indoor Bulk Silos for dry ingredients

Indoor Bulk Silos for dry ingredients

An indoor silo is ideal for storage of flour, powder ingredients or granulates. They can be filled by Big Bag Loading Systems in combination with load cells that give signal to the operator when to load the silo to keep the production running at all time.

Our customers can choose from a range of indoor silos with modular designs in epoxy coated steel, stainless steel or even composite silos (GRP).

Our indoor silo systems for bulk ingredients can be equipped with different extraction methods specified for every ingredient:

  • a mechanical extractor
  • vibrating discharger
  • silo bottom venting
  • etc

The benefits of an indoor silo system

  • Indoor silos are connected to one automation system
  • Perfect to automate several ingredients from different recipes
  • Different extraction methods for each ingredient
  • One conveying system towards the mixing system
  • Low friction resistance with the stored product - first in first out principle
  • Optimal utilization of space within the production area
  • Keeping a clean work environment
  • No condensation thanks to high insulation possibilities
  • 100% food safe non-corrosive material

See below our reference project at Jules Destrooper where we have used GRP indoor silos:

Technical parameters for indoor silos

  • Storage capacity up to 18 m³ (or larger if GRP silo)
  • Height between 2m and 8,5m (or larger if GRP silo)
  • Footprint starting 1,5m x 1,5m up to 3m x 3m square (or cylindrical if GRP silo)
  • Different extraction methods based on capacity and ingredients specifications