Automated Bowl Handling Solution - "the AGV"

Automated Bowl Handling Solution - "the AGV"

Automated Bowl Handling Solution: "Say hello to our AGV"

Our newest design made together with our daughter company Scudo.

For our group the future of bowl handling is within hygienic design, sustainable solution and automated processes 24/7. This is where our automated guided vehicle comes in play.

Benefits compared to traditional mixing systems:

  • The full dough mixing area is open (no cage required)
  • Mixers are available for cleaning / maintenance while the production process is running
  • Minimizing downtime: when one mixer is under maintenance or cleaning other mixers can still produce dough
  • Possible to use gentle tipping bowls (to create less stress inside the dough)
  • Sustainable solution: less wear and tear of parts
  • Less maintenance required (less mechanical parts as chains and belts)
  • Bowl handling solutions have never been cleaner and more productive
  • Everything runs fully automated

The full dough handling process is automated:

  • Picking up of empty bowls
  • Bringing bowls to the mixer
  • Oiling of bowls
  • Dumping of the dough
  • Transport from the dough to a resting position
  • Counting the resting time
  • If dough has been overproved due to stoppage of the line: automatic dumping of dough into bin
  • Bringing dough to the lifter onto the sheeting line
  • Cleaning of bowls during changeover
  • Etc.


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