Flow meters & valves

Flow meters & valves

For the dosing of liquids we integrate flow meters combined with valves in our integrated solutions. Flow meters and valves need to be adapted to the characteristics of the specific ingredient at hand.

We use electromagnetic flow meters for ingredients with a sufficient electromagnetic conductivity and not containing any air. Typical applications are for liquid yeast, brine, liquid egg, pancake batter,…

We use mass flow meters (Coriolis flow meters) for ingredients for more complex products with an insufficient electromagnetic conductivity and/or containing air. Mass flow meters allow a measurement of the mass flow and provide optional temperature, density, viscosity and concentration measurement. Typical applications include oil, liquid sugar, sourdough, …

Based on the flow meter measurement a dosing valve is activated when the right amount of liquid is dosed. Membrane valves are the most widely used as a dosing valves.

Valves used for other applications include butterfly valves and double seat valves for extremely hygienic operation and ball valves for more specific applications.


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