Industrial dough mixing

Industrial dough mixing

Together with our sister company Scudo we develop industrial mixers up to batch sizes of 600kg dough.

We develop bottom discharge mixers and also mixers with removable bowls. This can be in combination with one of our automated bowl handling systems or manual movements of the bowls.

For the industrial mixers we have designed different mixing tools adjustable for your industrial dough mixing processes:

  • Single Spiral
  • Double Spiral
  • Hi2L
  • Double Eight / Wendel

The combined automated solution of ingredient handling and the mixing process will give all optimizations to maximize your production process. All recipes will be included within our automation platform and all movements will run by itself. From storage of ingredients, conveying, dosing, mixing and movements from the bowls until the dough is on the sheeting line. It is possible that no manual handlings are needed anymore depending on how far you want to automate your process.

Our moto says it all "From ingredients until dough on the line"

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