Outdoor GRP bulk silo

Outdoor GRP bulk silo

An outdoor GRP bulk silo is ideal for hygienic outdoor storage of a variety of ingredients in powder or granular form (flour, sugar, salt, malt, grains, etc.). If you need to store specific products such as sugar or salt, then our insulated double-walled silo is the best choice. All silos have smooth inner walls. The outside is impregnated with a white polyester UV-protective coating to prevent ageing and corrosion. We also offer a range of accessories for the silos.

GRP outdoor silo key benefits

  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • 100% UV-resistant and reflective
  • Lower heat conduction than aluminum silos (2,000 times less)
    • No condensation so the inside walls stay clean
    • Important reduced risk of lump formation
  • Ideal mass flow thanks to 70° cone
  • High insulation value
  • High-pressure design eliminating the necessity of inside reinforcements
  • No bridge formation thanks to extremely smooth walls and seamless construction
  • Highly compression-resistant thanks to “hollow bottom" designed roof
  • Exceptionally low cost of maintenance and minimum down time
  • ATEX and CE-compliant, ideal for storage of dust explosive products

GRP outdoor silo key technical parameters

  • Storage capacity of 1 to 400 m³
  • Diameters from 2 m to 4,2 m
  • Heights from 4 m to 30 m

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