Spirocool provides a flour cooling solution when a high volume of chilled flour needs to be delivered continuously to one or more dosing points. Spirocool has an extremely low energy consumption using a chilled water or glycol based heat exchanger to cool the flour. The system is often used as an independent buffer installation for chilled flour and a perfect solution for industrial frozen bread production lines.

Spirocool Key benefits

  • Low total cost of ownership; variable costs independent of flour consumption
  • Continuous temperature monitoring and integrated air moisture control
  • Condensation-free operation
  • Optimized homogeneity of buffered flour
  • Sustainable = Low energy consumption
  • Feeding multiple dosing points
  • Optimized homogeneity of buffered flour

Spirocool Key technical parameters

  • No temperature shock (temperature reduction Δt up to 20°C)
  • Continuous flow rates possible between 1000 kg/h to 3000 kg/h


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