Ingredient sifting solutions are always adapted to the conditions (flow rate and pressure) of the type of conveying being used. Spiromatic’s Spirosift solutions is available in an atmospheric version for gravity feeding and an inline version for vacuum or pressure conveying and feeding. The rotary Spirosift is ideal for sifting powders and granular food products, such as flour, granulated and powder sugar, salt, semolina, improvers, etc.

Spirosift combines security sifting and delumping in one system. It safely and consistently removes foreign particles larger than the screen size of the sieve and it is also perfectly suited for breaking lumps of materials as they reach the screen.

Key benefits

  • Less down-time for maintenance
  • Low TCO
  • Improved product safety
  • User-friendly
  • Limited space needed
  • High versatility

Key technical parameters

  • Capacity up to 11 tons/hr at screen size 30 US mesh
  • Various mesh sizes available (mesh 35 to 3)


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