Process automation and control

Process automation and control

Our SPEC software suite (Smart Production Environment Control) fully controls your automated recipe management and ingredient handling processes. It allows for great flexibility in defining and adapting production flows and seamlessly integrates all different production steps while connecting and controlling all the involved equipment. Modules can be configured to individual needs and specific plant operation situations.

All our software programs are developed in-house by our specialists. They combine their expertise with Siemens and Allen-Bradley with a deep understanding of your business processes. They all use the same program logic and structure irrespective of the platform.

Available modules

  • Recipe management and process flow control
  • Production Planning and batch order management
  • Production order management
  • Logging and reporting

Key benefits

  • Reduced number of manual interventions
  • Increased overall efficiency and productivity
  • Built-in industry-specific knowledge
  • Different levels of flexibility
  • Seamless integration with MES and ERP
  • Integrated reporting system
  • Adaptable security levels


Our solutions are flexible. We can also update existing automation systems - even from other suppliers.