Big Bag unloading station

Big Bag unloading station

Raw materials are increasingly being supplied in big bags to avoid the use of inefficient small packaging. Think of flour, sugar, salt, semolina, cacao powder, etc. We provide modular big bag discharging solutions that can be designed to your speciļ¬c needs or budget, in coated or stainless steel. We custom build the top frame to fit a wide range of big bag dimensions.

Each type of big bag unloading station can be provided with an autonomous and automatically operated hoist. An optional high-end extraction device prevents the risk of contamination and dust.

Key benefits

  • Big bag support with automatic hoist
  • Reduced handling labor
  • Integrated bottom or side discharging
  • Dust-free and contamination-free big bag opening
  • Dosing of small quantities possible
  • Can be integrated with all types of conveying systems
  • Free flow extraction
  • Ergonomic design for shorter set up time and safer operation

Key technical parameters

  • Handling of big bags up to 2755 lb.
  • Typical footprint of system 55.11" x 59.00"