Idromix - instant pre dough

Idromix - instant pre dough

Idromix is an innovative technology that quickly and consistently delivers a homogeneous dough through on-demand hydration and without compromising on product structure or quality. It combines a high speed turbine with nozzles for direct injection of selected liquid ingredients.

The dough stream produced by the turbine can either be discharged into a bowl for further processing or be pumped into a fermentation tank before feeding other continuous processes.

Key benefits

  • Quick and effective hydration between flour and water
  • No lump formation
  • Precise dough temperature (no mechanical mixing action impacting temperature)
  • Flexible adjustment of the hydration level
  • Less process variability
  • Hygienic & dust free operation
  • Batch and continuous processes supported
  • CIP cleanable

Key technical parameters

  • Production rates ranging from 2 200 lb/hr up to 6 600 lb/hr
  • Wide range of dough hydration levels achievable from 40% to 75%