Industrial sponge brew and fermented dough

Industrial sponge brew and fermented dough

Our industrial fermentation systems allow the automated production of fermented doughs using either short fermentation (sponge brew, poolish) or long fermentation, multi-step (sourdough,…) processes.

In case of a short fermentation (e.g. sponge brew, poolish), the dough is fermented. Then the product is cooled and maintained at a constant temperature and ready for use as ingredient to an overall recipe or as a dough ready to be run on the line

In case of a long fermentation, possible with multiple steps (e.g. sourdough), the fermented dough (a mother dough) is fermented to a desired level of acidity under controlled conditions in terms of temperature and agitation. It is being fed to a secondary fermentation tank where flour and water are added and a second fermentation takes place.

Our industrial fermentation processes are fully integrated and can be equipped with our Idromix solution for the instant production of hydrated dough that is pumped into the fermentation tank. The complete process is monitored and controlled by our recipe control system in which all parameters can be set to the specifics of the recipe required, ensuring a constant quality of the product.

Key benefits

  • Allows large scale production of constant quality sourdough, sponge dough, etc
  • Fully automated process
  • Hygienic set up
  • Detailed settings possible for each specific recipe (fermentation temperature, cooling temperature, PH value, etc.)
  • Specialized fermenter tanks with cooling and rounded agitators for a clean operation
  • Automated multi step fermentation process feasible
  • Can equipped with a CIP

Key technical parameters

  • Dough volumes per tank possible up to 1 050 gal