Hybrid conveying

Hybrid conveying

Hybrid conveying is a unique and inventive combination of pneumatic and mechanical conveying for conveying large quantities of ingredients over long distances without compromising on dosing accuracy for minor ingredients. The pneumatic pressure ensures the necessary force to cover long distances, the pneumatic vacuum conveying enables accurate dosing, while mechanical conveying offers a dust-free and low-noise solution.

When do we use hybrid conveying?

  • To supply high speed production lines with a very large number of batches per hour.
  • To supply multi-line production set ups with a large variety in ingredients and ingredient volumes to be dosed per batch

Key benefits

By combining the different types of conveying into a single conveying network, every section is adapted to the specific task at hand delivering the best conveying and dosing results.

Key technical parameters

We refer to the technical details on pneumatic conveying and mechanical conveying.