Pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying

Spiromatic provides two types of pneumatic conveying: pressure and vacuum transport systems.

Pneumatic Pressure conveying works on positive pressure differences. We have developed a characteristic leak air filter to eliminate overpressure between the lock and the silo extraction system in an optimum and dust-free way. We then use the conveying process air/energy in the most efficient manner.

When do we use Pressure conveying?

  • Long distances
  • High capacities
  • If weighing accuracy is less important

Key benefits of Pressure conveying

  • Enables higher volumes of product to be conveyed
  • Enables longer distances to be covered

Pneumatic Vacuum conveying works on negative pressure differences. The correct calculation of the air required to carry the ingredient is of great importance. This is why we developed a dosing system with which we can determine the dosing speed. This system is useable with any existing silo installation.

When do we use Vacuum conveying?

  • For shorter distances
  • Where a high dosing accuracy is required
  • For extremely hygienic environments
  • Most commonly in hybrid transport systems

Key benefits of Vacuum conveying

  • Closed system
  • No temperature increase
  • Dosing using spiral instead of lock
  • No air leaks
  • Hygienic since system is always empty when idle